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Danish News Round-Up: Infamous count dead at 92 

Summery weather forecast for Sunday, but that is scant consolation for Zarmena Waziri, an asylum-seeker with advancing dementia who is being deported back to Afghanistan

‘Reversal of Fortune’ starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close has ensured the public will never forget
May 31st, 2019 11:01 am| by Emile Young

Claus von Bülow, the famous Danish count, has died. He was 92 years old.

Von Bülow shot to notoriety in the early 1980s when his wife slipped into a coma and he was found guilty of attempting to murder her, before being acquitted on appeal – a series of events depicted in the film ‘Reversal of Fortune’, which earned Jeremy Irons an Oscar.

Von Bülow’s wife, Martha ‘Sunny’ Crawford, never woke up from her coma and died in 2008.

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First day of summer in store on Sunday?
Temperatures could reach 25 degrees in southern Denmark on Sunday, claims DMI. However, the north of the country will be a lot cooler, with possible showers forecast. Nevertheless, DMI is hailing the arrival of summer, and heading into next week it predicts it will generally be warmer – and also more unsteady.

No run-runs for Frederik as he hurts his back again
Crown Prince Frederik has again hurt his back – a similar disc herniation injury to the one that required an operation last year, but not quite as serious – and this means he won’t be able to compete in the 10 km Royal Run as planned. He will instead walk the shorter 1.6 km route – both in the Faroes on June 1 and in Copenhagen on June 10.

Denmark rejects Afghan women’s rights activist’s asylum appeal 
An asylum-seeker with advancing dementia faces deportation back to Afghanistan, even though it is claimed her return to the country is tantamount to a death sentence. Zarmena Waziri, 72, was a women’s rights activist in the country in the 1960s. Even though her condition is documented by a psychologist, the Ministry of Immigration and Integration will only accept a doctor’s diagnosis in cases of humanitarian asylum. However, the family cannot afford to pay a doctor the estimated 90,500 kroner for the necessary consultation. Waziri has been asked to report to a deportation centre on 4 June.

174 Danish researchers call for civil disobedience for climate crisis
Last Friday, 174 Danish scientists called for a nonviolent rebellion to raise awareness of the climate crisis in an open letter published in Politiken. The researchers do not specify the actions of this nonviolent rebellion, but Christian Addington of the Danish branch of the British ‘Extinction Rebellion’ movement points to strikes and blocking traffic as possible actions. These actions will put pressure on politicians, Addington said.

Ambitious electric car targets require 860,000 new charging locations
Dansk Energi believes the target of 1 million electric or hybrid cars on Danish roads by 2030 requires 250 new charging stations to be erected in Denmark each day between now and 2030. In total, 860,000 charging stations must be erected to sustain the vehicles. It could cost as much as 19 billion kroner to make the Danish electricity grid compatible with such large-scale consumption on top of a 29 billion kroner investment to maintain the current electricity network. Lars Aagaard, the CEO of Dansk Energi, contends that the electricity grid can be a show-stopper for the green transition if politicians do not fall in line behind the necessary big investments.

Danish shipping companies scaling up around the world
In 2018, Danish shipping companies exported to the tune of 188 billion kroner. Their three largest markets include China, the US and the UK. Over the past year, Danish shipping companies have increased their North American presence by 16 percent due to increased production in the US. The Danish shipping presence in Europe has also seen a growth – though not as large as the one in North America. However, Danish shipping trade in China has lost some momentum and is one billion kroner lower than in 2017. Despite the overall growth of Danish shipping companies’ global activities in 2018, international trade disputes are a threat to continued growth in 2019.

First Danish mountaineer summits Everest without supplemental oxygen
On his third attempt, 30 year-old Danish mountaineer Rasmus Kragh successfully reached the 8,848m summit of Everest from the south side without the use of bottled oxygen on May 23. He became the first Dane to do so. On two previous occasions, Kragh had to turn back just 250 metres from the summit due to bad weather conditions. Some 18 other Danes have previously scaled the mountain with the use of supplementary oxygen, which is generally considered crucial in the thin air at the extreme altitudes.