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Danish News Round-Up: Leading neo-Nazi arrested in connected with Jewish attacks

Detained man a leading member of Nordfront

The Democrats haven’t warmed to the group, despite the eagle emblem (photo: nordfront.dk)
November 14th, 2019 5:34 pm| by Roselyne Min

Two men have been arrested in connection with last weekend’s extensive vandalism carried out on targets in the Jewish community, and they will be held in custody for the next four weeks.

A known member of Nordfront
One of them has been named as 38-year-old Jacob Vullum Andersen, a leading member of the neo-Nazi organisation Nordfront.

Andersen has previously told TV2 that he had nothing to do with the case, but supported the vandalism.

“Jews of power and Jewish infiltration in society are extremely harmful and undesirable,” said the now-arrested neo-Nazi.

Green evidence
It is believed that he and a 27-year-old man will be charged with pouring paint over 84 Jewish graves and overturning  gravestones at Østre Cemetery in Randers on November 9, as well as committing vandalism at a branch of Sparekassen Kronjyllands, which was decorated with a Star of David.

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At the hearing, the judge noted that green paint stains had been found on their jackets and shoes. Both are pleading not guilty.

Radio24syv items to be stored at a museum for future exhibiting
Danmarks Teknisk Museum will collect some items from the recently closed radio station Radio24syv to preserve the history. A mixer desk that had been used since the first program in 2011 up until October 31 this year, among others, will be the crown jewel in the collection. In addition, the museum will store a recorder, a clock and the script from the last broadcast. The items are not for immediate exhibition, but the museum aims to exhibit them later in an exhibition on Danish radio history. Several programs from Radio24syv have been moved to Weekendavisen, BT and Berlingske.

High drug intake increases youth mental illness risk, contends expert
Experts contend there is a correlation between increased drug usage among 16 to 19-year-olds and mental health problems. According to Kari Grasaasen, the chief consultant at the National Board of Health, Denmark is on a cocaine wave now due to “rising production in South America finding its way to Europe”. The purity of the drugs increases the risk of mental health problems, he explained. In the past ten years, there has been a nearly 40 percent increase in the number of people being admitted to hospital with drug-related issues. Meanwhile psychiatric hospital admissions have increased from 5,010 in 2009 to 6,929 in 2018.

Two young Danes to produce world’s best cider with Danish apples
Two Danes, who started up a cider business in 2015 in Nordhavn with the mission to make the world’s best cider with the world’s best apples (from Denmark of course), are so pleased with how their business are going, they have doubled the production. Jakob Paludan and Cornelius Simonsen were inspired when they realised they rarely had anything their female friends liked to drink. Last year they launched Decideret Cider and their first 6,000 bottles sold out after four months.

KU found a link between an extinct ape and the living orangutans
A research team from the University of Copenhagen have recently discovered that orangutans have a direct link to the extinct giant ape, Gigantopithecus blacki. The researchers found a 1.9-million-year-old fossil of the three-metre, 600 kg primate in southern China. The discovery is the first time genetic material this old has been retrieved from a fossil in a subtropical area. The university wrote that “this allows the researchers to accurately reconstruct animal, including human, evolutionary processes way beyond the limits known today”.