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Danish News Round-Up: Wanted man charged with detonating bomb outside tax offices

Meanwhile, another keenly-sought Swedish suspect has been indicted in connection with the double murder in Herlev in June

Nordhavn was rocked by the blast on August 6 (photo: Christian Wenande)
September 19th, 2019 10:21 am| by Ben Hamilton

A 23-year-old man from Sweden has been charged with detonating a bomb outside the Skattestyrelsen headquarters in Nordhavn on August 6.

An international warrant had been issued to apprehend the man, and he was finally arrested on Tuesday night at Copenhagen Airport. It is believed he was returning from Lebanon.

In custody with the driver
It is contended that together with a 22-year-old Swede, who is also in custody, he brought the bomb over from Sweden in a car. Both men will remain in custody until September 24.

The 23-year-old has prior convictions for violence, and he does not currently have a driving licence. Two other men arrested in connection with the bomb outside the tax office are known acquaintances of the pair.

Transport minister to tackle Øresund Bridge high driving speeds
Benny Engelbrecht, the transport minister, has confirmed he will be looking into the possibility of introducing more measures to stop motorists from diving at extreme speeds across the Øresund Bridge and also through the tunnel. Videos have recently surfaced of some hair-raising driving, and this summer a motorist was clocked at driving at 220 km/h across the bridge – double the 110 km/h speed limit.

Tyra oil and gas field redevelopment scheduled to start
Some 21 billion kroner will be spent over the next three years on replacing the platforms at the Tyra oil and gas field, which is located 225 km west of Esbjerg in the Danish part of the North Sea and accounts for 90 percent of Danish production. Since 1984, the platforms have sunk by six metres. The work means no oil or gas will be extracted until 2022 – thus cutting the production of 60,000 barrels of oil a day and enough gas to heat 1.5 million Danish households. The reconstruction, which has generated 2,000 jobs, will safeguard oil and gas extraction for the next 25 years.

Supreme Court overturns entry ban on man who assaulted Pape’s boyfriend
The Supreme Court has overturned city and high court verdicts to ban the Slovakian lawyer who attacked Josue Vasquez – the boyfriend of Konservative leader Søren Pape Poulsen in 2018 – from entering Denmark. It upheld a prison sentence of 30 days by the High Court, which reduced the original judgement from 40. Both courts had issued six- year bans, which the Slovakian fought because it impacted on his work.

Two visits to France: First the royals and then the PM
Both PM Mette Frederiksen and the Crown Prince Couple will visit France over the next two months, where they will meet French President Emmanuel Macron. Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary are leading a 50-man business delegation with a focus on health, climate, culture and architecture, and they will spend three days in the country from October 7. On October 8 they are scheduled to attend a banquet where Prince Joachim and Princess Marie, who moved to Paris in the summer, will be present. Frederiksen, meanwhile, will meet Macron for talks at the Elysée Palace – either in late October or in November.

Man charged with involvement in Herlev killings
A 24-year-old Swede has been charged with being involved in a double murder in Herlev on June 25 – a shooting linked to a Stockholm gang feud. Security was heightened at the hearing at Glostrup Court on Tuesday. The man was extradited earlier this month.

New wind turbine record: 130 percent of the national consumption
Danish wind turbines set a new record on Sunday September 15 when they produced far more power than the Danes needed to use, according to Energinet. The turbines generated 130 percent of the national electricity consumption. Just ten years ago, a good day would have seen wind energy account for 20 percent. The previous record, 114 percent, was set on September 22 last year – proof that this month tends to be the windiest.

Police want to question man with white bag
Following the detonation of a bomb outside a pizzeria in Vanløse yesterday morning, police are looking for a man who was caught on camera approaching the restaurant with a white bag shortly before the explosion. In addition, two people were seen running away from the site, but the police do not know whether it was out of fear or an attempt to flee the area.