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Danish Parliament’s website hit by cyber-attack

No access since early this morning

Probably quicker to drop by Parliament today (photo: Tim Bartel)
January 18th, 2016 4:09 pm| by Ray W

It has been impossible to gain access to Parliament’s website, ft.dk, since about 11 am. The website is currently under cyber-attack, according to John Skovgaard, the head of the Parliament’s IT department.

“The parliamentary website is under attack,” said Skovgaard. “We have set up a filter, but it is blocking more traffic than it should.”

Not sure when the site will reopen
The is not the first time that an outside attack has prevented access to the parliamentary website.

“Attacks are something we have worked on for some time by now,” said Skovgaard. “We do what we can to solve the problems.”

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Skovgaard said it was not possible to say when the site would be up and running again.