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Danish pig farmers rejoice as pork prices soar

Price boosted by low global supply and swine fever epidemics

Danish farmers are happier than a pig in … (photo: Pixabay)
October 18th, 2019 1:36 pm| by Christian W

Pig farmers across Denmark will likely been heading into the Christmas period with a little more spending power thanks to highest price of pork in 18 years.

The price of pork is at its highest since 2001, thanks to low global supply and outbreaks of swine fever in Africa and Asia. Demand is also high due to forthcoming Chinese New Year celebrations at the end of January.

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Good times set to continue
The price of pork hit 12.80 kroner per kilo and the high price is expected to continue with Christmas around the corner.

“It’s become a little more fun to produce pigs. The price started low this year, but it has suddenly shot up, mostly due to the misfortune of others,” Kasper Nordtorp, a consultant with agriculture organisation, Centrovice, told TV2 News.

“It really makes a difference whether pork is sold at 12 kroner or 7 kroner per kilo.”

The news comes just weeks after slaughterhouse giant, Danish Crown, opened a new factory near Shanghai. The move is expected to significantly increase the production of Danish pork in the Chinese market.