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Danish politicians share schools photos in reaction to ‘disturbing’ trend

Parents increasingly asking to edit their children’s school snapshots

This smiling face grew up to become Denmark’s PM (photo: Instagram/Mette Frederiksen)
October 18th, 2019 10:42 am| by Christian W

PM Mette Frederiksen and other leading politicians have shared photos of their school photos on social media in response to news that parents are increasingly looking for the perfect school photo of their kids.

Photographers are more frequently being asked to digitally manipulate school photos to make children have whiter teeth, have moles removed or even to look thinner. The backlash has been swift and divisive.

“Edited children photos. No thanks! We are who we are, whether it is crooked teeth or something else,” Frederiksen wrote on Instagram with her school photo.

Aside from the PM, the former justice minister, Søren Pape Poulsen (Konservative), and the former immigration minister, Inger Støjberg (Venstre), also shared their school photos from back in the day (see photos below).

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Pressuring kids
Edyta Sørensen, one of the school photographers who came forward with her concerns, said that even the parents of very young kids in daycare ask for ‘perfect’ photos.

The national children’s rights association, Børns Vilkår, has warned that editing school photos sends a detrimental message to the children.

“When a pimple, a plaster, a missing tooth or a bump doesn’t make the cut and needs to be retouched away, the parents are essentially telling the kids that they are not good enough,” Bente Boserup, a consultant with Børns Vilkår, told DR Nyheder.

“The kids are forced into being something they are not.”

(photo: Instagram/Søren Pape Poulsen
(photo: Instagram/Inger Støjberg)