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Danish reporter's Gaza photo shocks the world

Allan Sørensen explains his viral photo of Israelis celebrating bombs dropping on Gaza

An apparantly common sight that took the world by surprise (Photo: Twitter)

July 17, 2014

by Andreas Jakobsen

Media hysteria erupted after Allan Sørensen snapped a photo of Israelis gathering on a hilltop outside Sderot in central Israel to watch bombs drop on Gaza, and then uploaded the image to Twitter with the caption "Sderot cinema".

The image has now been shared more than 10,000 times and made headlines in the New York Times, the Huffington Post, the Independent, the Jerusalem Post, Russia Today and Al Arabiya just to name a few.

Reporter speaks out
Sørensen himself wrote an article this week in Kristeligt Dagblad in which he tried to explain some of the hateful reactions he received after posting the image of Israelis eating popcorn and clapping every time they heard bombs falling on the enemy.

"Just like it's no news when Israeli Arabs and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank cheer on the rooftops when rockets fall over Israel, there is nothing new about the applauding Israelis in camping chairs on the hilltop outside Sderot. Both phenomenons are well-known and an established part of the conflict," he wrote.

The enemy within
He asked for angry commenters on both sides to look in the mirror and acknowledge the enemy within.

"Almost no-one sees the obvious link there exists between the Arabic demonisation of Jews and the Israeli demonisation of Arabs. For both parts it's a matter of maintaining the myth that there is a difference," he wrote.

"Most importantly, some Israelis and some Palestinians try every day not to face the enemy in the mirror."

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