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Danish restaurant among the best fries producers in Europe – seriously?

Given most frites served in Denmark are drowned in mayo to counteract the dryness, this survey sounds like a tough one to swallow

The best in Denmark, apparently. We wouldn’t have guessed … (photo: Big 7 Travel)
August 19th, 2019 12:41 pm| by Ben Hamilton

In France they call them frites and, in the rest of the world, mostly French fries. Confused? Well, don’t head to any British Commonwealth countries, where deep-fried potato wedges are generally called ‘chips’ – as in “Do you want chips with that, pet?” – the word most places use to refer to potato crisps.

The Danes are among the many to regard ‘chips’ as something you put in a bowl and share – often with a dip. Their flavours have a lot to be desired as well.

And when it comes to fries, they opt for ‘pommes frites’, which they prefer overdone with no fluffy inside, served with plenty of mayonnaise to counteract the dryness.

Best of Danish, but best in Europe?
Quite frankly, given the carcinogenic tendencies of most Danes with a deep-fat fryer, the notion that one of the top 50 establishments in Europe for French fries/chips/frites is located in Denmark is laughable.

But this is the travel site Big 7 Travel we’re talking about, whose selections tend to include at least one restaurant from every country in the EU to widen the appeal of their ‘news’.

So let’s forego the mayo, and apply a very generous pinch of salt to the findings!

Not that well known for their fries!
Kødbyens Fiskebar has the best fries in Denmark, according to Big 7 Travel. “They are best known for their seafood and shellfish offerings,” according to the text accompanying its ranking in 41st place – so fries aren’t even one of their specialties.

“But the chips are the perfect side dish for their wonderful food. Best eaten with a chilled glass of white wine. Absolute heaven.”

Meanwhile, on the top table, Frites Atelier in Antwerp was the overall chips winner, followed by Makamaka in Barcelona, Just Chips in Bristol, Freddy Fryday in Amsterdam and Le Relais de Venise in Paris.