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Danish Round-Up: Consumer watchdog wants a Momondo for train travel

But with no train-surfing options. A photo uploaded over the weekend of two tearaways on top of a Metro carriage has sparked outrage

Inter-railing is a popular option, but not always customer-friendly (photo: Ruben Bos/Flickr)
July 16th, 2019 12:31 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The Forbrugerrådet Tænk consumer watchdog has called for better rail ticket purchase options for those who wish to travel around Europe.

Vagn Jelsøe, the deputy chief executive of the watchdog, questions why there isn’t a Momondo for train travel.

Where’s the travel portal for trains?
“Today I can go to Momondo, Travelmarket or a third travel portal and find the best solution to get to a destination relatively easily and quickly,” he told DR.

“There is no such possibility for Danish consumers who want to travel by train.”

Inter-railing remains popular
Jelsøe also bemoaned the rail system itself, criticising the slow connections, numerous changes required and the difficulty of buying tickets for an entire trip.

Nevertheless, inter-railing remains a popular option among Danes and, according to DSB, 2,600 more tickets have so far been sold this year compared to the same time last year.

Metro worker injuries 25 percent higher than anticipated
Some 569 workers were injured during the construction of the Copenhagen Metro City Ring, according to Metroselskabet documents DR has gained access to. Metroselskabet set itself a target of a maximum of 16 accidents per million working hours, but in the end the figure was 20.6. Professor Peter Hasle, a working environment expert at Aalborg University, told DR it showed there has been a “really bad working environment”. Nevertheless, Metroselskabet did improve its performance in 2017 and 2018, as both years came in on target. The Metro City Ring is scheduled to open on September 29.

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Three arrests made in connection with Swedish gang shootings
Three arrests have been made in Stockholm in connection with the shootings in Herlev on June 25 that left two young Swedish men dead in the Copenhagen suburb. The police have long suspected the shootings were connected to a gang feud between Stockholm street gangs Shottaz and Death Patrol. One of the victims was a member of Shottaz.

Police hunting for pair who train-surfed on the Metro
A photo of two young men train-surfing on the Copenhagen Metro has provoked outrage since it was uploaded onto social media on Sunday. It is believed the pair were filmed by the occupant of a car travelling next to the tracks. Copenhagen Police is doing its best to identify the individuals. Officers are hopeful that heavy monitoring of CCTV footage taken at various Metro stations will yield results.

Lacking medical info for elderly could have fatal consequences
The Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed patients’ safety association has expressed concern that many homecare workers cannot access crucial medical records. According to Per Tostenæs, a consultant at the Ældresagen elderly concern association, this is completely unacceptable. “It can be a matter of life or death – for example, if you get the wrong medicine,” he told DR. “So it is both crucial that the records are up-to-date and that those who come to the citizens have access to them.”

“City’s worst thief” arrested and police find part of his haul at home
A 27-year-old man, who CPH POST branded “the city’s most incompetent thief” last week, has been arrested in connection with at least 10 burglaries in the area around Østerport Station. On Friday he was bound to remain in custody for 28 days. Not only did he incompetently avoid detection by numerous CCTV cameras, but the police were able to find a large number of stolen items at his home.

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Amager Bakke to open complete with ski slope on October 4
The Amager Bakke incineration plant will officially open on October 4. This means that Copenhageners will finally get a chance to try out its ski slope. Details of the official opening festivities will be confirmed next month.