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Danish Round-up: Homeless Londoners displayed in glass

In other news, houses are outpacing apartments in the housing market, and a viral poll has given DF food for thought on Facebook

Four homeless Londoners to be displayed as art at the Randers Art Musem (photo: Pixabay)
April 9th, 2019 6:31 pm| by Emile Young

This Friday, Danish conceptual artist Kristian von Hornsleth will fly four homeless Londoners to be exhibited in glass displays at Randers Art Museum. The four homeless people come from different backgrounds, but all have a dependence on either crack or heroin, and none have ever left the UK before.

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No reservations
Hornsleth said he has no reservations about exhibiting the homeless. He and the participants understand homelessness as a symbol of a failed welfare system.

The homeless participants will receive half the price of the artworks they participate in. To date, the participants have received 30,000 kroner.

The exhibition, ‘SUPER CRASH’, runs from April 12 to July 28 and showcases three of Hornsleth’s sociopolitical projects:The Hornsleth Village Project’, ‘Hornsleth Homeless Tracker’, and the ‘Hornsleth Arms Investment Corporation’.

Following the exhibition, the homeless can be monitored via a purchased GPS tracker upon their return to London.

Rising house prices a good thing?
House prices are rising at a faster rate than apartment for the first time in four years, and housing economists say it’s a healthy development. Not only can the development be seen with houses in the big cities, but across the country. Over the first quarter of 2019, the average rise was 2.0 percent, while flat prices only increased by 1.7 percent.  Housing economist Birgit Daetz believes the high cost of the big city flat complexes is prompting buyers to consider houses for the same price.

DF trolled when it fished for a ‘no’ on Facebook
In a now-viral poll, Dansk Folkeparti asked its Facebook followers if they would dare put Danish foreign policy in the hands of four of the party’s opponents. Contrary to their hopes, 80 percent of the 23,000 responses indicated yes, they would dare. For DF there’s both good and bad news. While the volume of responses to the DF post may help the Facebook algorithm promote DF posts in the future, their offtrack nature may distort DF’s future attempts at Facebook outreach, digital advisor Astrid Haug told TV2.

Danish board games flood China
The Chinese Ministry of Education has approved the Danish company Gravity Board Games’ game series of the same name as official teaching material for 250,000 middle schools in China. Gravity Board Games is a series of six game designs that incorporate a tilting board to incorporate gravity into gameplay. In an experiment led by Aalborg University in collaboration with the Danish Mathematics Teachers’ Association, use of the board game in teaching showed a significant effect on students’ motivation and experience of learning mathematics.