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Danish News Round-Up: Impending scorcher highlights workplaces’ shortcomings

Staying with predictions, it looks likely that Copenhagen Police will again be breathalysing scooter riders this Saturday, following three Saturdays of arrests that have taken the total of convictions to 53

Heatwave on the way (photo: Hunter Desportes)
July 22nd, 2019 2:43 pm| by Ben Hamilton

There is good news and bad news for anyone who has chosen to spend the rest of July in Denmark … as it’s going to be a scorcher, with 25 degree-plus temperatures set to kick in from Wednesday.

Maybe we should rephrase that … as it’s only bad news for men who have the misfortune to work for companies that have introduced bans on wearing shorts.

Sticky unless you have shorts
A survey conducted by Fagbladet 3F reveals that 31 percent of the country’s workplaces prohibit them – which is bad news given that between July 23 and 31 there will only be two days when the temperature is below 25 degrees.

Among the workplaces to ban shorts is Jyllands-Posten newspaper, which took the decision last year during the heatwave that never ended.

Two killings, three death sentences, and a myriad of trials
Three men have been sentenced to death in Morocco for killing Danish backpacker Louisa Vesterager Jespersen and her Norwegian co-traveller Maren Ueland in December 2018. However, it is not believed any of the defendants will be killed, as Morocco has not executed anyone since 1993. The men were aged 25, 27 and 33 and all from the urban area surrounding the country’s biggest tourist draw, Marrakesh. In total, 24 people were charged with involvement in the deaths of the tourists. Meanwhile, two teenagers aged 16 and 17 have been convicted of sharing a video of the Moroccan killings. The court in Esbjerg sentenced the elder of the pair to 80 hours of community service and the other to a supervision order. Both received a suspended sentence of three months.

Another round of electric scooter fines in Copenhagen
Police in Copenhagen charged another 14 people with driving electric scooters whilst intoxicated over the weekend, taking the total to 53 over the last three weekends. The punishment was a fine of 2,000 kroner – a fee that doubles should you do it again. “Instead of waiting for a tragic accident, as happened in the UK, we would rather go out with a strong level of information,” explained police spokesperson Peter Veje in a statement. One of the rental companies, Circ, intends to remove its scooters from areas with a high density of bars.

Rising cost of medicine at the nation’s hospitals
The country’s hospitals spent 9.2 billion kroner on medicine last year – 3.6 billion kroner more than in 2007, according to new figures compiled by Danske Regioner and Danmarks Statistik. The results reveal that the hospitals are spending every ninth krone on medicine, compared to one in 14 in 2007. The rise in prices is the main cause of redundancies, concur most hospitals that have been forced into cuts. Last year, Region Zealand had to lay off almost 200 workers.

Two young men overdose on popular painkiller
Police suspect that two young men, who were recently found dead in the apartment of an acquaintance in Silkeborg in mid-Jutland, overdosed on the painkiller Doltard. While the drug is prescription-only, police believe the young men purchased it online. The men were aged 19 and 20, and it is well documented that Doltard has become popular with that age group in mid-Jutland of late.

Victim and suspect would appear to be related
A 32-year-old man has been charged with killing a 71-year-old woman in Brædstrup in east Jutland over the weekend. According to Ekstra Bladet the man has admitted to causing her death, but denies that violence was involved. He was at the address where the woman died, and the police have confirmed that the pair are related to one another. He will remain in custody for at least four weeks.

666 the number of the vandal
Around 100 tombstones have been vandalised in a cemetery belonging to Hadsund Church in north Jutland. Most of the tombstones have had ‘666’ spray-painted on them in black – the number that denotes the Antichrist according to the Book of Revelation, or simply ‘the beast’ if you ascribe to the writings of Iron Maiden. Police suspect Satanists are to blame and that the vandalism was carried out on Saturday night.