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Danish Round-up: Islamic State fighter handed over to Finland

In other news, three Loyal to Familia members have been expelled, while some Russian jets have been warned off close to Danish airspace

Many thought they had seen the back of this threat (photo: Mirwais Bezhan (VOA))
April 5th, 2019 11:09 am| by Ben Hamilton

A 26-year-old Finn, who was sentenced by a Danish court to four years in prison last year for joining Islamic State, has been handed over to Finland.

The man, who fought for IS in Syria, made a request for the transfer as he has no connection to Denmark.

Born in Finland with Somali roots, he moved to Britain as a 13-year-old and is thought to have become radicalised at the age of 17.

Investigation longer than thought
In connected news, two Danish companies that sell drones have confirmed to DR that they were first contacted by the authorities about monitoring suspicious buyers in 2013, which is earlier than previously thought.

This means the investigation of the five-person network accused of acquiring drones for IS went on for over four years.

The findings are revealed in the new DR documentary ‘Dronekrigeren – Danmarks farligste terrorist’, which will be available via dr.dk on April 7.

Three in custody, two at large
One of the five people is believed to be Basil Hassan, who is suspected of trying to kill Lars Hedegaard at his home in Frederiksberg in 2013.

Of the four other suspects, three are confirmed as Greater Copenhagen residents from Nørrebro, Brønshøj and Brøndby, who are all in custody. Hassan and a fifth man are believed to be abroad.

IKEA to trial sustainable scheme that encourages customers to rent not buy 
IKEA has confirmed that from 2020 it will be trialing a new scheme in Denmark that will enable customers to rent furniture instead of buying it. IKEA furniture is notoriously difficult to move, and it is believed the scheme will lend itself to less waste and more sustainability. “There is a greater tendency these days for consumers wishing to furnish their home in a more sustainable way,” Markus Ekewald, the sales manager for IKEA Denmark, told TV2. The initiative has already been tested in Switzerland, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland. IKEA currently has five stores in Denmark – in the Copenhagen suburbs of Taastrup and Gentofte, Odense, Aarhus and Aalborg – with more in the pipeline, including one near Fisketorvet in Vesterbro.

New climate law will be the government and people’s shared responsibility
The government has decreed that Denmark will introduce a new climate law, and that it will be worded with the help of the Danish people. A citizens’ petition recently got the necessary number of signatures to be heard in Parliament, but was rejected by MPs, but the action would have appeared to have woken up the status quo. “I encourage everyone who has ideas for the future climate policy and a new climate law to contribute – for the climate is our shared responsibility,” said the responsible minister, Lars Christian Lilleholt. All Danes are invited to contribute ideas and experiences via givklimaetlov.dk, and citizen meetings will be held in Vordingborg and Viborg on April 9 and 23.

Danish fighters scramble Russian bombers close to airspace
F-16 aircraft were scrambled on April 3 as two Russian planes came perilously close to entering Danish airspace off the west coast of Jutland, confirms Forsvarskommandoen. The Tu-160 supersonic strategic bombers were on what the Russian Ministry of Defence called a scheduled flight of 13 hours, and they later approached British airspace before being shadowed by the RAF. Apparently it is the third such case in the last three weeks involving Russian bombers close to Scandinavian airspace.

Expulsions and prison sentences for LtF members following long trial
The state continues to come down hard on the banned gang Loyal to Familia, this time expelling one of its vice-presidents to Iraq along with two other members to Turkey. The punishment at the city court in Roskilde included the sentencing of 13 men, who will serve collective time of almost 60 years, following a trial that started last October and took 30 days to finish. In recent weeks, it has been reported that exposing LtF tattoos can also be an imprisonable offence. Branded clothing has already seen a number of arrests since the ban on the gang was imposed last year.