Danish Round-Up: Police protection of politicians has cost 100 million kroner so far this year – The Post

Danish Round-Up: Police protection of politicians has cost 100 million kroner so far this year

In other stories, a royal castle is back on sale, some harmful baby plates have been withdrawn from the market and Helena Christensen has been named a UNHCR goodwill ambassador

Police on alert (photo: Arushi Rajput)
June 14th, 2019 10:32 am| by Arushi Rajput

The police have confirmed that the cost of protecting politicians since January 1 now exceeds 100 million kroner, with Rasmus Paludan, the leader of the far-right party Stram Kurs, contributing the most to the overall figure.

The police estimate they have spent 78 million kroner on wages and 21 million on special equipment during the period.

More costs to come
Moreover, police officers from other departments in Denmark have had to be reassigned to Copenhagen Police during the period.

The expenses of de-prioritising the work and reassigning the police officers haa not been accounted for yet.

Royal castle on sale
Gurrehus Castle in North Zealand has been put up for sale on boliga.dk for 52 million kroner. The castle flaunts a superior living space and en suite bedrooms, and it stands in an idyllic location surrounded by a lake and royal garden. Owned by the real estate company Gurrehus, the property has undergone massive renovation to restore it to its former splendour. This is the third time it has been made available on the market since 2013. Gurrehus has a rich history. During the reign of  Valdemar IV, it was one of the most prominent places in the country.

Baby plates withdrawn by company
The company Done by Deer has recalled a batch of its ‘happy dots’ baby plates from the market due to a high presence of melamine. The levels were above the permissible limit and may cause kidney damage, according to the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. DTU checked the plates and found they were detrimental to children’s health. The plates were sold at many retail outlets including BabySam, Illum Bolighus, Salling and Wishes. 

Helena Christensen named UN Refugee Organisation goodwill ambassador
The former Danish supermodel Helena Christensen has been named a goodwill ambassador of UNHCR, the UN Refugee Organisation. The title recognises Christensen, who now works as a photographer in the fashion industry but has lost none of her star appeal, for her extensive charity work in countries such as Rwanda, Ukraine and Colombia. “I never thought that my love and respect for photography would lead to this moment, and I hope to continue to support refugees and humanise their stories,” said Christensen upon hearing the news. “This applies to people like Maribeth, whom I met and photographed in Colombia, Marcelline in Rwanda and Olena in Ukraine. It touched me deeply to get to know these amazing women and to share their incredible stories.”