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Danish Round-Up: Skagen residents complain they’re drowning in tourists

The population of Hørsholm and the surrounding area have a more serious problem: harmful chemicals called dioxins, which are endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic and been regularly released into the sea since 2014

Idyllic Skagen’s holiday charms has been depicted numerous times by artists such as PS Krøyer
July 12th, 2019 4:38 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Residents in Skagen, the resort on the northernmost tip of Denmark where the country’s most distinguished artists, beach-lovers and revellers have been flocking for centuries, have had enough of the tourists.

Dragging their beer boxes
“We are drowning in them,” Mogens Bandholm, the chair of a local residents’ association, complained to DR.

“They come in hordes dragging their beer boxes and only for pleasure – not for the cultural experience of visiting Skagen.”

Advising caution
However, Skagen resident Bjarne Kvist, the deputy mayor of Frederikshavn Municipality, believes it would be wrong to introduce limits.

“There is room for both kinds of tourists: those who want to party and those who want culture,” he told DR. “It’s not for one or the other. It’s for both.”

Man on trial for murder after stabbing four in central Copenhagen
A 19-year-old man is currently on trial at Copenhagen City Court where he is accused of murdering another 19-year-old man on the evening of New Year’s Eve in the centre of Copenhagen. Three others were stabbed during the attack and the accused, who has been in custody since February 7, faces additional charges of attempting to murder another man and committing extreme violence against two others. The defendant was allegedly part of a group that quarreled with the victims on the corner of Borgergade and Gothersgade between 03.30 and 04.30. It is believed that at least two knives were involved in the attack. The dead man, who was from Farum and has been named as Lorenz Matras, was on his first night out in Copenhagen, his mother told Ekstra Bladet.

Grave concerns about toxic substances leaked by waste incinerator
A waste incineration plant in Hørsholm that handles the rubbish of five municipalities in north Zealand stands accused of releasing highly toxic substances into the sea, reports Ingeniøren. Danmarks Naturfredningsforening claims the incinerator, which is owned by I / S Norfors, has exceeded limits outlined by the Miljøstyrelsen environmental agency in seven tests since 2014 for dioxins, including twice in 2018 and again in March this year. According to Miljøstyrelsen, dioxins are both endocrine-disrupting and carcinogenic and among “the most toxic man-made substances that exist and have an irreversible effect on the environment”.  They are easily absorbed by local fish and other organisms, and if absorbed by humans, they can cause deformations in newborns, the early onset of puberty and cancer.

Remains of body discovered following house fire
The remains of a body have been found following a house fire in Taaderup near Nykøbing Falster, according to the local police force in south Zealand. An ongoing investigation is trying to establish whether the fire on Gavlhusvej was started deliberately. The authorities were alerted to the fire at 21.49 on Thursday.