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Danish Cucumber Season Round-Up: The growth of citizen-run stores in the sticks

Ringworm cases are also increasing, and the culprit is the domestic guinea pig, confirms a pet shop survey

The media have taken quite an interest … particularly in their cucumbers (photo: Min Købmand – Nim Facebook page)
July 15th, 2019 1:06 pm| by Ben Hamilton

It’s safe to say this is ‘agurk sæson’ (cucumber season) – a four to five-week period mostly in July when the media tends to report on lesser happenings in the absence of any real news.

And the story that the citizens of a small east Jutland town have opened their own grocery store following a five-year absence of shops in their neighbourhood – yes, it sells cucumbers – is literally an ‘agurk sæson’ classic.

With the help of the Dagrofa chain, reports Jyllands-Posten, a group of five locals in Nim, which has a population of 700 people, raised 2.7 million kroner to realise their dream.

Run by volunteers
On June 1, the day of the grand opening, more than 500 customers visited the shop and, to keep them coming back, the shop plans to hold community evenings, such as barbecue and wine events.

The shop is run by 25 volunteers, of whom 23 live within 1 km of the store.

Growing number
Dagrofa – which operates the Min Købmand, Spar and Let-Køb. – reports it has helped 80 citizen groups to set up their own grocery stores since 2016.

It has identified 75 other neighbourhoods where citizen-financed grocery stores would make good sense, and it is in talks with citizen groups in 22 of them about helping them to set up a store.

Group of boys detained for calling in bomb threats across Zealand
A group of boys aged 11-14 in the Greater Copenhagen suburb of Greve were detained on Friday afternoon in connection with telephoned bomb threats, reports Københavns Vestegns Politi. As well as on the police force’s home turf, the boys are believed to have made threats against petrol stations and restaurants in north, central and western Zealand. None of the boys are old enough to bear criminal responsibility.

Øresund Bridge to be painted … all 300,000 sqm of its surface
Muehlhan has won the contract to paint the Øresund Bridge. It will take an estimated 13 years to complete the job to spray-paint the 300,000 sqm surface of the 8 km bridge – the equivalent of 45 football pitches. Specially-adapted equipment, including a 30 x 14 metre platform, has been designed for what will be a challenging job. First, Muehlhan will begin painting the south side in the autumn – work that should be completed in 2021.

Medicinal cannabis prescription rate hits new high
During the first three months of 2019, some 1,765 prescriptions for medicinal cannabis were issued to 1,007 citizens – an increase of more than 300 percent on the first quarter of 2018 following the commencement of the three-year trial period, according to Sundhedsdatastyrelsen figures. The multiple sclerosis association Scleroseforeningen, however, is concerned that the high price is putting off some of its members from using the drug, reports DR, while the Lægeforeningen medical association queries whether the long-term psychosomatic side-effects outweigh the benefits of pain alleviation.

Copenhagen Police continues with crusade against drunk scooter riders
Copenhagen Police charged a further 15 people with driving an electric scooter whilst intoxicated on Friday and Saturday night, vowing to keep up its enforcement for the entire summer. The charges – which carry a fine of 2,000 kroner – take the total number from the last two weekends to 39. Additionally, 30 scooter riders were fined for other offences over the weekend, such as riding on the pavement, taking a passenger and driving across pedestrian crossings.

Rare bird seen in Denmark for the first time in 24 years
A rare bird – the cirl bunting (emberiza cirlus), which in Danish is known as the gærdeværlingen – has been sighted in Denmark for the first time since 1995. The sighting took place at Tornby Klitplantage near Hirtshals in north Jutland, where the bird has been seen over a period of at least three days. Over 200 ornithologists flocked to the area to see the bird, including one who travelled from France – which is strange, as the bird is common in that country.

Guinea pigs spreading ringworm – survey suggest a third are infected
Guinea pigs are spreading ringworm, reports DR. A Statens Serum Institut study of 32 guinea pigs in 17 pet stores revealed that 12 were carrying the fungal infection. Skin departments in Gentofte and Roskilde have meanwhile treated several children. Ringworm begins as an itchy rash – normally on the face or neck, often in the shape of round rings – before becoming an open wound issuing blood and puss. The treatment process is complicated and lengthy.

Stadium’s new facial recognition technology comes up trumps
Brøndby Stadion’s new facial recognition technology yesterday caught a person banned from the stadium on what was the opening weekend of the Superliga season. His ban has been extended by six months. AGF is also interested in adopting the technology. Brøndby, meanwhile, beat Silkeborg 3-0 to move to the top of the standings, three places ahead of arch rivals FC Copenhagen, who also began with a win.