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Danish royals among Europe's laziest

British royals were the most active in 2013 according to their official calendars

Queen Margrethe II manages to find time to decorate her Christmas tree (Photo: Scanpix)

December 30, 2013

by Peter Stanners

The Danish Royal Family spend far less time with their subjects than fellow European royals according to a study by the tabloid Ekstra Bladet.

By scouring the official calendars of Scandinavian and British royals, the tabloid deduced that Queen Margrethe II worked 124 days in 2013 while Crown Prince Frederik worked a mere 90 days.

Margrethe is only the fifth hardest working royal – matched by Norway’s King Harald – and lags far behind the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, who put in 189 days of work this year.

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Work shy royals
British Queen Elizabeth II was the second-most active royal and managed 181 days on the job this year – 57 more than Queen Margrethe who, at 73 years old, is 14 years younger than the British queen.

Sweden’s King Carl Gustav was in third place with 168 days of official engagements, followed by his wife, Queen Silvia, who managed 134 days.

Scandinavian and British princes and princesses were the least active. Prince Joachim only had 35 days of official engagements this year, making his older brother look like a workhorse. 

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Unfair study
A spokesperson for the Danish Royal Family rejected the study, however, arguing that the tabloid’s method of calculating workload was unfair.

“The method employed only reflects the visibility of the Royal Family in public and is far from an accurate picture of the Royal Family's duties,” spokesperson Lene Balleby told Ekstra Bladet, pointing out that multiple engagements on a single day only counted as a single day’s work.

“I know of no other profession that is measured solely by physical presence and where days spent in the office, in meetings and attending non-publicised events and visits are overlooked,” Balleby added.

One thing is for certain, Queen Margrethe will be 'working' tomorrow when she addresses the nation in her annual New Year's Eve address. 

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