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Danish royals to get the telemovie treatment

Both Frederik and Mary to be featured on the glass teat

November 17th, 2014 1:10 pm| by admin

Two television movie projects based on the lives of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are in the works. 

The Australian edition of the Daily Mail reports that a TV movie is currently being made called ‘Mary: The Making of a Princess’. 

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Australian producer Fremantle Media is billing the film as a “true life fairytale” about how the then Mary Donaldson met Prince Frederik at a Sydney pub in 2000, starting a love story that ultimately resulted in Frederik marrying Mary in 2004.

Best friend in the dark
The entire project came as a shock to one of Mary’s lifelong friends, Amber Petty.

“I don’t know anything about this project,” Petty told the Daily Mail. “The whole thing makes me a little bit nervous. I would hope to be left right out of it to be honest.”

Petty did acknowledge that the story is a good one.

“Of course there is an interesting story there,” she continued. "Mary is an amazing woman and a wonderful friend, but obviously she is very private and we like to keep our friendship between us.”

Freddy's wild oats
Crown Prince Frederik’s younger days are also about to get the biopic treatment

'Frederick’s Young Years' will apparently focus on the Danish prince’s playboy reputation in the 1990s and early 2000s, concluding two years before he married Mary. 

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“It's a fictional film about the Royal Family built on facts inspired by the international wave of biopics about living people,” director Christian Tafdrup told the Danish film magazine Ekko. "Royals are good characters. They have a god-like status, and at the same time they must face the same challenges as everyone else.”

Royals unhappy
Tafdrup is aware that the film may ensure that he doesn’t get invited to dinner at the palace.

“I accept that the Royal Family may not be happy at the prospect of my film," he said. "But it is not my intention to upset them.”

The Daily Mail reported that Crown Princess Mary has called the upcoming films “cheap and unnecessary”.