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Danish sex policy makes world headlines

January 20th, 2015 1:23 pm| by admin

After the Do it for Denmark! campaign and the Funen daycare sex nights, you’d expect it to take a little longer before Danish birth policies would make world news again. Yet Thisted Municipality’s 'babies-for-schools' deal has made its way into Forbes, news.com.au, indiatoday.in and the Guardian.

International media extensively reported on the municipality’s deal with its citizens, who were urged to have more babies in order to keep public services such as schools, nurseries and kindergartens going.

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Lowest birthrate
The policy is part of an ongoing natality boost campaign, which comes as a result of ongoing concerns over declining birth rates.

However, Denmark ranks slightly above average in the European Union in the latest Eurostat survey, with a birth rate of 10.73.

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