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Danish teenager sentenced for making terrorist threats on Facebook

19-year-old from Aarhus who wrote that he would behead “infidels” will spend 15 months in jail

A Danish teenager will serve time for making Facebook threats (photo: Bhupinder Nayyar)
May 23rd, 2016 1:57 pm| by Ray W

The 19-year-old man from Aarhus who has been prosecuted under the terrorism clause of the Danish Criminal Code after threatening on Facebook to kill apostate Muslims and “infidels”, has been sentenced by the Aarhus city court to 15 months in prison.

The man had shared videos on Facebook of the executions of people who had been captured and allegedly murdered by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS). In comments attached to the videos, the teenager threatened to kill fallen Muslims and “infidels”.

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“Heads will roll…”
The man’s lawyer said that he had shared the videos in a private group of friends and that he had no intention of terrorising the population at large.

The teenager, who is a Danish citizen of Lebanese background, had posted statements like: “The knife will strike you all and your heads will roll on every road. You cannot hide … We will punish you with the knife…”

He told the court that he did it to send a message to those who would “violate Islam”.

The man has already been in custody for six months. Along with his sentence, he we also be required to pay court costs.