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Danish universities the least popular among international students in the Nordics

University of Copenhagen lagging behind the DTU and regional counterparts

And to think we could ended up in Denmark! (photo: iStock)
October 3rd, 2016 12:28 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Most international students tend to be pretty satisfied with their studies in Denmark, but apparently it could be better – they could be in Norway, Finland or Sweden.

Last in Nordics
According to this year’s International Student Satisfaction Awards, Norway has overtaken Ireland as the best country to study in Europe.

And while Finland (4th best) and Sweden (7th) only finished marginally ahead of Denmark (8th), they have considerably more universities that are adjudged to be ‘outstanding’ or ‘excellent’: six and five compared to Denmark’s two.

Copenhagen could do better
Denmark will be most concerned that its flagship, the University of Copenhagen, could only score a ‘very good’ rating.

Denmark’s only outstanding university was the Technical University of Denmark, a distinction also earned by Lund University in southern Sweden.

English courses important
Based on 15,965 reviews carried out by StudyPortals, the study found that students like the Nordics due to their wide range of English-language courses, diverse landscape, friendly and helpful fellow students, and skilled professors.

However, some were critical of the cold temperatures and lack of daylight during winter.





Outstanding and Excellent Nordic universities


University of Tampere                                       Outstanding
Aalto University                                                  Excellent
Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences Excellent
University of Eastern Finland                           Excellent
University of Jyväskylä                                       Excellent
University of Oulu                                                Excellent


Lund University                                                    Outstanding
KTH Royal Institute of Technology                    Excellent
Linköping University                                            Excellent
Linnaeus University                                              Excellent
University of Gothenburg                                    Excellent


University of Oslo                                                  Outstanding
Norwegian Uni of Science and Technology      Excellent
University of Bergen                                             Excellent


Technical University of Denmark                       Outstanding
Aarhus University                                                   Excellent