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Danish whisky named best in continental Europe

Thy Whisky No. 9 tops Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible

Celebrating a job well done (photo: Thy Whisky)
October 21st, 2019 1:54 pm| by Christian W

When you think about sipping a good whisky, most people might conjure up thoughts of a fine single malt from Scotland, a tasty bourbon from Kentucky or a modern masterpiece from Japan.

Well, think again, because Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible, the whisky equivalent of the Michelin Guide, has named ‘Thy Whisky No 9 Bøg Single Malt’ as the best in its ‘Whisky in Europe’ category.

“There are nice words for all the Danish distilleries, but Thy Whisky No. 9 Bøg scored 96.5 out of 100! Only 42 whiskys have scored a better rating – ever. This goes beyond our wildest dreams when we laid the foundation for Thy Whisky nine years ago,” Thy Whisky wrote on Facebook.

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Organic beauty
Thy Whisky No 9 Bøg Single Malt is the first Danish whisky to win the best in Europe category, which doesn’t include whiskys from Scotland and Ireland.

Thy Whisky’s liquid gold is distilled organically and produced on the Gyrup farm near Snedsted in north-west Jutland. Read more about the distillery here.

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It’s not the first time that Danish whisky has hit the big time.

Last year, the world’s largest spirits manufacturer, Diageo, decided to invest 100 million kroner into Stauning Whisky, a Danish micro-distillery that began with nine friends and a 15-litre saucepan.

(photo: Thy Whisky)