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Danish women taking their children along to join Islamic State

An increasing number of women are joining the terrorist group and taking the kids

Danish women are taking their children to serve under this flag (photo: Yo)
January 21st, 2016 8:33 am| by Ray W

Since 2014, the number of women leaving Denmark to join Islamic State (IS) has been growing, according to the intelligence agency PET. It did not elaborate on exactly how many, though.

Many of the women are mothers with their offspring in tow when they take the trip to war-torn places like Syria and Iraq to join the terrorist organisation.

“The Centre for Terror Analysis (CTA) estimates there are women with young children from European countries – including Denmark – who have travelled to Syria and Iraq,” claimed a Radio24Syv report that quoted an email from PET.

PET notes that the proportion of women has jumped significantly since June 2014.

“During the period before June 2014, the number of first-time travellers to proclaim themselves members of IS was about 8 percent of the total. Since June 2014, the proportion of women has accounted for about 24 percent,” PET said.

Two out, four back
PET said that at least 125 people from Denmark have travelled to Syria or Iraq since 2012, and up to 10 percent of them are women.

At least two of those women have returned to Denmark after they became pregnant during their stay in Syria

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Both women are now living in Denmark, and one of them one has given birth.