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UPDATED: Dankort system working again

Nets hope that the issue will be solved sometime this morning

Many terminals will still work despite being offline, but bring cash if you're travelling by taxi, public transport or need petrol (Photo: Scanpix)

January 20, 2014

by CW

UPDATE, 16:50: Nets, the company that runs the Dankort system, now reports that things are up and running again.

"We are working on stabilizing it now, but we can see that transactions are beginning to go through," Ulrik Marschall, a Nets spokesperson, told DR Nyheder.

The Dankort system was down for over nine hours.

ORIGINAL, 9:51: The national payment card Dankort is experiencing problems this morning due to a software update last night.

The technical issue means that Dankort customers will be unable to pay using their cards in a number of shops, although the problem will not be as bad as a few years ago since many Dankort terminals are now able to receive payment offline.

“Some Dankort terminals will work,” Ulrik Marschall, a communication consultant for Dankort owners Nets, told DR Nyheder. “It will depend on which data centre they are linked to, but under any circumstance it will be a good idea to have some cash ready today.”

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Keep some cash ready
Having cash is a necessity if travelling by taxi, purchasing public transport tickets or petrol because these are not linked to the offline system. 

National railway provider DSB said that customers can purchase tickets from DSB personnel on the train and that no fines will be handed out because of the ticketing problems.

Nets was unsure when the Dankort problems will be solved, but hoped for sometime this morning.

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