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Denmark among the world’s most promiscuous nations

Danes fourth in both genders when it comes to being sexually active

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April 6th, 2017 5:59 pm| by Christian W

It may come as no surprise to some people, but the Danes are apparently among the most promiscuous people on the planet.

According to the Nordic adultery website Victoria Milan, Danish women and men both ranked fourth out of the 15 nations mentioned as part of its survey.

“Danish women have more sex with their lovers, more sex with their partners, are more susceptible to having a one-night stand, are more susceptible to sleeping with several partners over the course of a year, and use more time pleasuring their partners than men,” said Sigurd Vedal, the CEO of Victoria Milan.

“Men in Denmark may be horny, but it’s the women who take first prize when it comes to the no-pants dance.”

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No Eastern Promiscuous?
The survey showed that Danish women had an average of 4.31 sexual partners over the past year, while Danish men had 4.01.

But the Danes trailed the Finns, who ‘scored’ a 4.47 rating for women and 4.32 for men. Spain ‘came’ second for women with 4.41 (women), while Ireland were second for the men with (4.23). Ireland were third for the women (4.38) while the UK were third for men (4.06).

At the opposite end of the spectrum, women from the Czech Republic scored 2.61, while Polish men got stuck with 2.78.

The survey also revealed that at least a quarter of men and women in Denmark had sex with at least 10 different partners last year, while over a third said they had a one-night stand at least once per year.

The results are based on the responses of almost 6,000 members of Victoria Milan, so perhaps the averages are slightly tainted by the fact that the respondents are members of an adultery website.

Number of sexual partners over the past year:

Nations             Women   Men

Finland                4.47        4.32

Spain                    4.41        3.61

Ireland                 4.38        4.23

Denmark             4.31        4.01

Sweden                4.27        3.96

Average               4.25        3.71

UK                         4.18       4.06

South Africa        4.12        3.87

USA                       4.08        3.84

France                  3.81        3.24

Belgium               3.75        3.30

Norway                3.72        3.34

Netherlands        3.50        3.32

Germany              3.34        3.18

Poland                  3.01        2.78

Czech Rep            2.61        3.21

*figures according to Victoria Milan