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Denmark celebrates a home-winner in the Risotto World Cup

Martin ‘Guf’ Rasmussen, whose nickname means ‘tasty tidbits’, serves it up on toast

Guf in action (photo: Facebook Martin Guf Becker Rasmussen’s Facebook page)
August 24th, 2016 10:22 am| by Ben Hamilton

The key is to never stop stirring. No, we’re not talking about Donald Trump’s campaign, although he’d probably agree by now that seeing out the course of his campaign is going to be just as arduous as making a risotto.

Just ask the new world champion, Denmark’s Martin ‘Guf’ Rasmussen, who on Sunday saw off three other finalists at the Risotto World Cup, a Copenhagen Cooking event at Torvehallerne.

Guf’s winning recipe included traditional staples butter, parmesan, lemon juice and white wine, and a few curveballs such as croutons – so no worries with doubling up on the carbs this time.

Wine and nibbles won it
His entry of ‘Boullion på Ristet Brød’ might have sounded a bit primitive compared to ‘Risotto del Sottobosco’, the submission by Italy’s Mattia Molinelli.

But maybe Rasmussen won it with his cheeky addition to the menu, which advised one glass of dry white wine for your risotto and another for yourself.

It wouldn’t be the first time that somebody has been won over by fine wine and some guf (tasty tidbits).