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Denmark eyeing laughing gas regulation following youth abuse epidemic  

Several parties prepared to usher in new law that would restrict sale 

They are everywhere these days (photo: Flickr/ProMo-Cymru)
July 31st, 2019 12:21 pm| by Christian W

These days, it’s pretty difficult to walk anywhere in Copenhagen without seeing discarded laughing gas cylinders strewn about the ground. They seem to be everywhere. 

But that could soon change as several parties in Parliament are looking to pass legislation that would regulate the sale of the cylinders – via an age limit, price hike or to restrict who can purchase them. 

“I think we have a societal responsibility to react to this and I want to bring forth the discussion with the minister. The key concern is avoiding that our young people aren’t being ruined,” Orla Hav, the spokesperson for business issues for government party Socialdemokratiet, said according to TV2 News. 

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No laughing matter 
Laughing gas is widely used in the baking industry so any regulation will have to come from the Business Ministry. 

Currently, there is no age limit on purchasing laughing gas and Socialistisk Folkeparti (SF) is keen on changing that. Radikale is also prepared to act on the issue, while big opposition party Venstre has yet to weigh in.  

Yesterday, it emerged that the 1813 emergency hotline in Copenhagen has experienced an influx of calls regarding the negative effects of inhaling laughing gas. And earlier this month the national poison hotline Giftlinjen reported an increase in calls pertaining to the same subject.