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Denmark has lowest share of obese citizens in the EU

But Danes are more often morbidly obese than many of their European counterparts

Danes performing okay on the grand scale (photo: OECD)
November 25th, 2019 11:29 am| by Christian W

As the season for stuffing your face with Christmas goodies swiftly approaches in Denmark, there is some good news for the Danes.

According to the new OECD report, ‘The Heavy Burden of Obesity’, Denmark has the lowest share of obese citizens in the EU.

The report found (here in English) that just over 20 percent of Danes were obese – a Body Mass Index (BMI) of over 30 – which ranks top in the EU and only behind Switzerland, Indonesia, China, South Korea, Japan and India in the OECD.

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Some morbid figures
However, it was not all smooth sailing for the Danes. The report also showed that about 6 percent of Danes were considered morbidly obese – a BMI of over 35 – which puts Denmark in the less desirable half of Europe.

Saudi Arabia has the highest share of obese people in the OECD with about 37 percent, followed closely by the US (also about 37 percent). Turkey (33 percent), New Zealand (31.8), Canada and Australia (both about 30), Malta (29.8), Mexico (29.5), Argentina (29.2) and Chile (28.9) rounded out the top 10.

Other notables include the UK (28.8), South Africa (28.5), Ireland (26.6), Norway (24), Russia (23.9), Germany (23.2), Finland (23), Brazil (22.8), Iceland (22.7) and Sweden (21.4).