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Denmark loves science more than most

Wellcome Global Monitor report shows 75 percent of Danes are fans of science

Science and researchers held in high esteem in Denmark (photo: 2018 Wellcome Global Monitor)
June 25th, 2019 9:56 am| by Christian W

According to the comprehensive 2018 Wellcome Global Monitor report, few countries compare to Denmark when it comes to having confidence in science and the benefits of research.

The report (here in English) found that 75 percent of Danes were categorised as being science ‘enthusiasts’ – second-placed Finland and Iceland were some distance behind with 61 percent.

“Enthusiasts tend to be the largest of the four groups in most countries. They are most numerous in Denmark, where they represent almost three-quarters of the population. Other countries with high ‘Enthusiast’ percentages include Iceland, Finland, Saudi Arabia and China,” the report stated.

The report, which was based on survey responses from over 140,000 people across over 140 countries, also found that Danes (78 percent of them) were most likely to believe that science benefits ‘most’ people in their country.

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Confident in health system
Denmark also ranked high in terms of knowledge of science – 75 percent said they knew ‘some’ or ‘a lot’ about science, scoring the Danes fourth behind the US, Turkmenistan and Norway.

Denmark (31 percent) was also one of 19 countries where over 30 percent of people conveyed a ‘high’ amount of trust in scientists.

Trust in doctors and nurses in Denmark was also among the highest in the world at around 97 percent, and at 90 percent Danes were among the most confident in their healthcare systems.

Another interesting finding, and quite relevant given the recent measles breakout in Europe, was that France has the highest percentage (about 30 percent) of people who disagreed that vaccines are safe.