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Denmark part of new NATO initiative

TACET to strengthen military presence in Baltic nations and Poland

Member states of TACET include Denmark, USA, UK, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada (photo: Denmark at NATO)
February 11th, 2016 10:26 am| by Christian W

The defence minister, Peter Christensen, has revealed that Denmark will take part in a new NATO initiative regarding the military capacity development of the Baltic nations and Poland.

The initiative, entitled TACET (Transatlantic Capability Enhancement and Training Initiative), is part of NATO’s Readiness Action Plan and is being led by Germany, the US and the UK.

“By better co-ordinating our activities, we can increase their effect and thereby strengthen the military capacity of the recipient nation,” said Christensen.

“Now TACET has kicked off, we want to start working to find out how to best support Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.”

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Responding to IS and Russia
TACET is a German-US initiative supported by the UK that encompasses 14 nations including the aforementioned nations as well as Canada, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Luxembourg.

The Readiness Action Plan was established in 2014. It represents NATO’s reaction to a changing strategic environment – particularly the rise of Islamic State and developments concerning Russia in eastern Europe.