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Denmark producing record amounts of biomass energy

Danes importing significantly more wood from the US and Canada

An increasing source of Danish energy (photo: Pixabay)
November 15th, 2019 9:37 am| by Christian W

Last year, a record amount of energy produced in Denmark came from biomass – the burning of wood, straw and other biological material – the country’s biggest source of green energy.

New statistics show that Denmark produced 182 petajoules (PJ) of energy from biomass in 2018, which is 33 percent more than five years ago and triple that produced in 1995.

More and more of the biomass energy is generated by burning wood chips and wood pellets imported from abroad. Last year, Denmark had to import a record 37 percent of its annual biomass consumption.

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But is it sustainable?
Half of the imported wood pellets came from the Baltic states, while the US and Canada accounted for 19 percent – almost quintuple of what it was five years ago.

Biomass accounted for 75 percent of Denmark’s sustainable energy consumption in 2018, while the remainder came from sun, wind and water sources. Sustainable sources accounted for about 33 percent of Denmark’s energy consumption.

The news comes two months after several leading international scientists claimed that Denmark was committing ‘climate fraud’ by considering the burning of biomass as being sustainable.

Other researchers defended the Danes, contending that biomass helps curb fossil fuel consumption and deforestation.