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Denmark ranks 10th in EU study index for international students

Researchers considered quality of education, average cost of living and chances of finding a job after graduation

Denmark is expensive but offers high quality education and people here are generally happy (photo: iStock)
March 16th, 2017 6:26 pm| by Lucie Rychla

Denmark is among the top 10 European countries most attractive to international students when it comes to the quality of its education and lifestyle, according to the Study.EU Country Ranking 2017.

Researchers assessed 30 countries based on three categories: the quality of education, average cost of living, and quality of life and prospects of employment.

Denmark scored reasonably well in the category ‘life and career’, for which it ranked 9th, as well as in the category ‘education’ (18.6 points), ranking 10th.

But it did not fare so well for cost of living, which contributed to it finishing at number 12 overall.

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Germany topped the ranking with 83.2 points out of 100, scoring highest in the categories ‘life and career’ and ‘education’.

The UK, the Netherlands, France and Sweden completed the top five.

The Top 30

1 Germany
2 United Kingdom
3 Netherlands
4 France
5 Sweden
6 Russia
7 Switzerland
8 Italy
9 Belgium
10 Norway
11 Austria
12 Denmark
13 Finland
14 Hungary
15 Ireland
16 Poland
17 Portugal
18 Romania
19 Spain
20 Turkey
21 Czech Republic
22 Estonia
23 Greece
24 Iceland
25 Latvia
26 Lithuania
27 Serbia
28 Slovakia
29 Slovenia
30 Ukraine