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Denmark stepping up military co-operation with Sweden

New report aims to strengthen bonds in the Baltic

The report recommended better co-operation by sea and air (photo: Defence Ministry)
May 27th, 2015 2:10 pm| by Christian W

Denmark and Sweden have agreed to expand their military relationship in a number of areas, according to the Danish Ministry of Defence. A new report offers up a number of options.

The expanded co-operation report is a result of the work that began in December 2014 that was dedicated to finding new opportunities for working together.

“I am really pleased that the report pinpoints a number of options for an expanded co-operation,” said Nicolai Wammen, the defence minister.

“Denmark and Sweden traditionally have a good relationship, and I believe that it’s important that we continuously look into how we can further strengthen our co-operation.”

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Baltic concerns
Wammen underlined that the conflict in Ukraine and the increased numbers of Russian air intrusions in the Baltic reason were among the additional reasons for the improved relations with the Swedes.

The report also recommended allowing for military movement via air and sea into one another’s areas, sharing information regarding airspace surveillance, and maritime monitoring via secure communications.