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Denmark to explain controversial proposal at the EU Parliament

The government’s notorious plan to confiscate refugees’ valuables will be debated next week

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January 20th, 2016 3:33 pm| by Lucie Rychla

The European Parliament has requested that Denmark come to Brussels to explain its proposal for tighter immigration laws, reports DR.

The new austerity measures are to be debated at Folketinget next Tuesday, and include a controversial plan to seize refugees’ valuables to pay for their stay in the country.

The proposal has received extensive international media coverage and has been likened to Nazi practices during the Second World War.

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Push for an early hearing
Denmark’s bill will be discussed by the LIBE Committee that deals with civil liberties, justice and home affairs on the EU level, but is is not yet clear when.

Several EU parliamentarians pushed to schedule the meeting with the Danish government on Monday – before the proposal is debated in the Danish Parliament.

The left-wing, green, and liberal parties are the most eager to hear what Denmark has to say about the new austerity measures, while the right wing parties are less interested to debate the topic at the EU level.