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Denmark unveils new Arctic strategy

Danes looking to cement position as one of the world’s Arctic research leaders

Not just the bear minimum (photo: Chief Yeoman Alphonso Braggs, US-Navy)
November 1st, 2016 10:30 am| by Christian W

In a bid to strengthen Danish research and education in the Arctic Region, the Education and Research Ministry today launched a new Arctic strategy.

The education and research minister, Ulla Tørnæs, said that the strategy (here in Danish, but with an English executive summary) would boost Denmark’s position as one of the world’s leading nations within Arctic research.

“Along with Greenland and the Faroe Islands, we have a strong interest in being part of strengthening a sustainable development in the Arctic,” said Tørnæs.

“What takes place in the Arctic impacts the entire world, such as in the form of climate change. More knowledge about the Arctic and more highly educated people the region is pivotal to Denmark.”

The Arctic research provides important information about the effects global climate change has on humans, animals and plants.

The strategy includes a number of initiatives including:

– Procuring the necessary knowledge base (analysis, data collection) with a view to assessing the potential of an international research hub in Greenland

– Supporting further development of the Isaaffik portal, such as in the form of additional information on Arctic education, and boost international visibility

– Exploring the opportunities to render Arctic data more visible and accessible to researchers on a national as well as on a global level

– Focussing efforts on effectively following up on the Arctic Council’s agreement on scientific cooperation

– Assuming a more coordinating and strategic role in international forums relevant to the Arctic research and education environments in Denmark

– Initiating a process of charting Arctic interests in strategic countries in which innovation centres have been established

– Launching a pilot initiative offering academic preparation courses in Denmark to Greenlandic students prior to enrolling at academic institutions in Denmark

– Arranging goal-oriented thematic meetings and publish information material to notify Greenlandic and Faroe Island applicants of the options to apply for funding within the Danish research and innovation system

– Working toward developing a concept for goal-oriented dissemination of Arctic research to the Greenlandic society in cooperation with the Greenland Self-Government