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Denmark well placed to help Pakistan deal with energy crisis

Rambøll among several private sector companies lending a hand

More people, more McDonald’s, more energy demands (photo: Executioner)
September 9th, 2016 9:46 am| by Ray W

As Pakistan’s population continue to grow, so do its energy demands. Set to become the world’s fourth largest population by 2025, it is already facing an energy crisis.

At a seminar held at the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Ole Thonke, Denmark’s ambassador to Pakistan, said his country wanted to help get Pakistan’s electricity grid up to speed.

Benefiting one another
“Danish and Pakistani companies can forge partnerships in a variety of sectors to benefit one another,” said Thonke.

“Pakistan is aiming to solve its energy crisis by 2018 with a five-year energy plan, and the Danish government is actively supporting Pakistan.”

Public/private co-operation
Thonke said that through the private sector, the Danish government is lending support to Pakistan for energy production, policy reform, safety enhancements, and load and grid management.

The seminar at the embassy was held in collaboration with the Denmark-based consulting firm Rambøll.

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Mogens Skov, the head of Rambøll’s global division, said his company is in a position to present a full spectrum of technologies and solutions for the Pakistani market.