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Denmark’s shockingly low rape conviction rate

3,600 women attacked every year, but very few rapists are found guilty

Very few rapists are ever convicted (photo: cab90)
August 17th, 2015 12:12 pm| by Ray W

The number of convicted rapists is “creepily low”, according to an advocate for justice for victims.

According to a study by the Justice Ministry, 3,600 women are raped every year. But since 2010, just 60 of their attackers have been found guilty of the crime every year.

Ulla Thornemand, the head of woman’s group Dansk Kvindesamfund, believes the conviction rate is far too low.

“Too few are being convicted of rape,” Thornemand told Metroxpress. “Over 98 percent of all rapists are never convicted. There is virtually no risk if you rape a woman.”

Police give up
Police often drop cases they think will be tough to prove.

“There is a problem with women showing up with bruises on the stomach and crotch, trying to report a rape, and the police just giving up,” said Claus Juul, a lawyer for Amnesty International.

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Several political parties have called for increased penalties for rapists, but SF spokesperson Lisbeth Bech Povlsen said that more rapists need to be convicted.

“Too few rapists are convicted in Denmark,” said Povlsen. “We need to help more women.”