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Dissecting the stats: Adventurous Danes love a safari, but hate scuba

Dry land over water every time; hell, even some landlocked countries dig diving more than the Danes!

The Danes love a good safari, as long as they don’t get wet (photo: pxhere.com)
August 7th, 2019 11:10 am| by Ben Hamilton

We already knew the Danes liked dissecting giraffes and lions, but they apparently love watching the large beasts alive as well, as a recent report from Overland Ireland based on Google search trends confirms them as one of the world’s biggest safari-loving nations.

Encompassing 170 countries, the report rates the nations’ fondness of nine outdoor activities to compile a list of the world’s biggest thrill-seekers, and Denmark ranks in 15th place.

Dominated by rich countries
Europe dominated the top 15, taking nine places, although three countries from outside the continent ruled at the top: Australia (1), the US (2) and New Zealand (4). The UK ranked third and Germany fifth.

Like most surveys of this kind, a large dose of salt is required with reading – particularly with the assertion that this is a list of the world’s most adventurous nations.

Many of the countries languishing at the bottom of the charts already have enough natural thrills in their everyday lives, so their people are hardly likely to go seeking them via Google!

Shite for scuba and skydiving
Denmark ranked third equal for safari, but really poorly for scuba diving, with the worst score out of any nations in the top 39.

Among the other seven categories, it fared well for rafting and skiing, average for trekking, camping, hiking and kayaking, and poorly for skydiving.

Overall, the Australians were number one for camping and skiing, the US top for trekking, hiking and scuba diving, the UK in first place for skydiving and kayaking, the Kiwis and Dutch equal first for safari, and the Kiwis king of the rafters.

Life is a safari!
Continentally, South Africa was the most adventurous nation in Africa, Brazil claimed the honours in South America, and India dominated in Asia.

At the bottom end of the scale, Tajikistan finished last, just ahead of Lesotho and Malawi – three countries in which it’s probably pretty accurate to say that life is a safari.

The least adventurous nation in Europe, meanwhile, was the Faroe Islands – an archipelago famed for its people’s fearlessness, whether it’s traversing rocky terrain or navigating the ferocious surrounding waters of the North Sea.