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Domino's wants a bigger slice of the Danish pie

American pizza delivery giant looking to go extra large

Domino's wants to deliver pizza to you ... even in Lemvig (Photo: Domino's Denmark)

August 25, 2014

by Ray Weaver

Domino’s Pizza is angling to become one of the country’s largest fast food chains. The company, which has had stores in Denmark from 1997, wants to increase its number of locations from the current 15 to 50 by 2017.

“We are ready to take on McDonald's and Burger King,” Domino’s co-owner Carsten Kjems Falk told  Børsen. “They do not have our strong online presence, and we can also steal customers from local pizzerias, so we have terminated our relationship with Just-Eat and Hungry.dk.”

Looking for space in the hinterlands
The chain’s 15 stores are mainly concentrated in the Copenhagen metropolitan area, so it is focusing on finding franchisees on Funen and in Jutland.

After several turbulent years at the start of this century, Domino's was purchased in 2011 by Gustave Geisendorf, a Swede with connections to Lehman Brothers.

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Last year, IT entrepreneur Jesper Buch invested in the chain and initiated a change in strategy with increased focus on digital platforms.

Increasing web presence
Today, Domino's Pizza takes 70 percent of its orders via the phone or internet – up from 30 percent just a year ago.

"We have had a very aggressive approach to things since I joined,” Buch said. “Growth and new stores were one of my requirements.”

The financial crisis has in fact been a boon to fast food chains, as customers look for low-priced options to stretch food budgets. Since 2008, Sunset Boulevard has opened 18 new stores, while McDonald's has just opened its 90th Danish location, about 70 of which are franchises.

Domino’s is aiming to have six new outlets open by the end of this year, and between 20 and 25 locations open by August 2015.

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