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Don’t throw your beer away!

It will get you into FIFA’s bad books, and soon there won’t be any left!

They won’t be making that mistake again (photo: Tech. Sgt. Joshua DeMotts)
June 29th, 2018 4:30 pm| by Christian Wenande

The Danish football association DBU was fined 127,000 kroner by the world governing body FIFA for poor fan behaviour during Denmark’s 1-1 draw with Australia in Samara last week.

According to FIFA, the Danish fans did not adhere to protocol during the match – a number of plastic glasses containing beer were thrown down from the upper stands, hitting Australian fans below.

Hard Russian plastic
“It wasn’t malicious,” said Mikkel Hvidsteen, a Danish fan at the game.

“When something exciting happens we like to throw our beers up in the air – unfortunately in this case the beer glasses had a hard plastic bottom.”

Valuable commodity
Perhaps the Danes should hold on to their glasses for their next game this Sunday for another reason, as the golden droplets are actually becoming a bit scarce.

There is an ongoing shortage of CO2 that is threatening to limit the production of beer and soft drinks this summer – though not so much in Denmark thanks to Carlsberg’s self-sufficient brewery in Fredericia.

More than normal
The brewer intends to brew more beer than normal so more CO2 can be produced in its fermentation tanks.

After all, the continent is parched with the World Cup on!