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Drama in court: Britta Nielsen taken away in an ambulance

Trial will continue in her absence

Nielsen’s hair is apparently grey again (photo: Britta Nielsen Facebook page)
October 24th, 2019 3:01 pm| by Soma Biró

Britta Nielsen, the woman accused of embezzling 117 million kroner from the public purse, fell ill today during the first day of her trial at Copenhagen City Court.

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It happened five minutes after the break for lunch while the prosecutors were in the process of presenting a few of the fictional funds she is believed to have created.

Ambulance called
A break was requested, an ambulance was called, and Nielsen left on foot with the support of a probation officer.

Her lawyer, Nima Nabipour, said that Nielsen has already had some problems with her heart while in custody and that she has been hospitalised before.

Uncertain when she will return
It is yet uncertain whether Nielsen will be able to appear in court on the second day of the trial.

According to DR, it will carry on with or without her.