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Dual-citizen Danes not impacted by travel ban after all

US Embassy has informed foreign minister that Denmark is exempt from the contentious ban

You’re good to go, if you’ve got one of these (photo: iStock)
January 31st, 2017 6:17 pm| by Christian W

No Danes with dual citizenships from one of the seven nations on the new and highly-contentious US travel ban list will be impacted after all.

According to the foreign minister, Anders Samuelsen, Danes who also have passports from Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iran and Libya will not be denied entry to the US as a result of the temporary ban.

“We have been told by the US Embassy that Danes with dual citizenship will not be affected,” Samuelsen told Ritzau news service.

“We’ve been told by the US Embassy, so we must assume that this will come into effect immediately. We’ve had people in the field in London to find out what the Brits have uncovered, and in Washington, so now we have clarity.”

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Unwise and imprecise
According to the British foreign ministry, the UK is also exempt from the travel ban, including British dual citizens.

Samuelsen, who is currently in Ukraine in a mission of support ahead of a Danish-led anti-corruption program set to kick-off tomorrow, has described the US travel ban as being “unwise”.

Danish PM Lars Løkke Rasmussen has also criticised the ban, calling the move “an imprecise instrument” in terms of fighting terror.