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Ed Sheeran concert spurs on traffic record for Danish bridge

Over 100,000 cars crossed Greater Belt Bridge over the weekend 

Never discount a redhead in a flannel (photo: Drew de F Fawkes)
July 29th, 2019 8:17 pm| by Christian W

Never underestimate a redhead’s ability to draw a big crowd. Especially if the ginger-headed individual in question is named Ed Sheeran. 

In fact, the English singer’s concert in Odense on Saturday night was such an attraction that a new car traffic record was set on the Greater Belt Bridge over the weekend.  

Sheeran’s concert, combined with loads of Danes returning from their summer holidays, saw 102,739 cars cross the bridge linking Zealand to Funen – the first time over 100,000 cars have traversed the bridge during a weekend. 

“We’ve seen before that concerts and big events lead to extra traffic on the bridge. Combined with the holiday traffic, the weekend consisted of two very busy days at our payment stations and led to a new record of over 100,000 cars,” said the head of the bridge’s payment system, Jens Kjær Nielsen. 

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Summer and X-mas 
On average, the bridge sees about 35,000 cars pass across during a day. But on Saturday and Sunday about 51,000 cars crossed over.  

Weekends during the summer period are usually the busiest times of the year in terms of traffic on the bridge, along with the Christmas period.