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Election news in briefs: Helle’s alternative

In other news there was funding questions, outsiders and an election experiment in Jutland

Does Alternativet hold the key to more Helle (photo: Magnus Fröderberg)
June 4th, 2015 3:20 pm| by Christian W

Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s PM aspirations might hinge on the new party Alternativet, which has over 2 percent of the voters according to recent polls. Alternativet, which wants to cut weekly work hours from 37 to 30 as part of its election platform, could end up swinging the election away from the opposition.

Election experiment
Some 40 people from a street in Ikast, Jutland have taken part in an election experiment that gave them the power that politicians enjoy in Denmark. The street levelled huge cuts in military service, administration and culture, while more money went to elderly, vulnerable children, teachers and the local school.

Popular unknown
Jeppe Bruus (socialdemokraterne) is on the brink of enjoying a stunning election after the relatively unknown politician attracted over 70,000 supporters thanks to a Facebook campaign blasting the opposition for wanting to lower the criminal responsibility age to 12. Bruus got just 3,000 votes at the last election.

More immigrants on benefits
The number of immigrants on the social benefit kontanthjælp has shot up by 37 percent since the current government took over in 2011. The figures, from Danmarks Statistik, showed that of the 42,465 people on kontanthjælp last year, by far the most were immigrants from non-Western  nations.

Campaign funds?
A Beringske survey has revealed which parties are most reluctant to provide information about the origin of their campaign funds. Of the 487 of 774 politicians who were asked, Socialdemokraterne, Liberal Alliance and Konservative were most against revealing details concerning campaign funds.