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Embassy warning Danes in Jakarta to stay away from public places

The death toll continues to rise in the Indonesian capital following a series of attacks

Another day, another travel warning, this time in Jakarta (photo: BertholdD)
January 14th, 2016 8:29 am| by Jakarta, Danes, death, attacks, Indonesia, embassy, warning

The Danish embassy in Jakarta has warned Danes living in or visiting Indonesia to avoid public places.

“All Danes are encouraged to be vigilant and stay away from public places because of possible terrorist attacks in Jakarta,”  writes the Danish embassy in Indonesia on its website after a series of explosions hit Jakarta just after 10 am local time on Thursday.

Watching the situation
The Foreign Ministry has thus far not reported any Danes among the casualties, but said it is “in contact with the Indonesian authorities and monitoring the situation closely”.

At least six people have been killed in a series of attacks, including suicide bombings, in central Jakarta. The death toll includes three police officers and several of the bombers.

Coordinated attacks
Multiple explosions have been reported and at least one of the blasts occurred near the United Nations headquarters. Three suicide bombers also reportedly struck a nearby Starbucks.

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Up to 14 gunmen, some on motorbikes, were involved in the attacks, and around six are reportedly holed up inside a building in downtown Jakarta.