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Emergency app could save many lives

The 112 app informs emergency respondents of the exact location of person in distress

The 112 app is very precise (photo: 112 app)
August 28th, 2018 1:28 pm| by Christian W

If you have a medical emergency in Denmark, the number to call is 112. That’s always good to know as an expat.

Currently, the emergency hotline workers  have no idea where the calls are being made, which can present a critical problem if the person making the call loses consciousness before conveying their location.

However, a new app looks to help with that issue and save precious minutes for those in trouble.

“It’s super important for us to get an address so we can dispatch the required assistance. Otherwise, we risk the ambulance driving about the wrong area and wasting critical time,” Jesper Bøjgaard Madsen, a police inspector in  east Jutland, told DR Nyheder.

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GPS accuracy
Using the 112 app, people can alert emergency responders to their exact locations, down to the metre, by the simple push of a button using GPS technology in smartphones.

In comparison, workers on the emergency hotline only get a general area position if you call 112 the old-fashioned way. And that can be a problem – particularly in rural areas that have little coverage.

The 112 app has been developed by the capital region emergency unit, Hovedstadens Beredskab, which urges everyone to download the app – and help the elderly and children install it on their phones.

The app is free and can be downloaded here.