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End to foreign adoption in Denmark?

Last adoption bureau in serious financial distress

Adoption from foreign countries way down in Denmark (photo: Flickr/UTexas)
December 6th, 2019 11:02 am| by Christian W

Prospective parents in Denmark looking to adopt a child from a foreign country will most probably have to use adoption services abroad in the future.

The country’s only bureau for international adoptions, Danish International Adoption (DIA), is in serious financial trouble and seeking to bring a halt to all new applications in the new year.

“DIA is lacking the financial security in regards to being able to see adoption cases completely through. So the board can therefore no longer assume the responsibility of accepting new adopters,” said DIA chair, Lars Ellegaard.

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Adoptions way down
DIA’s financial difficulty is down to the number of international adoptions in Denmark dropping drastically over the past decade, and considerably fewer people are being approved for adoption.

That led to DIA alerting families in its adoption program that its financial strife could lead to a longer and more expensive adoption process.

The social minister, Astrid Krag, is concerned about DIA’s announcement, indicating that funding could be set aside funding for operational support in 2020.