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EU: Border controls must be ended as soon as possible

“Extraordinary action” must not become the norm, commission warns Støjberg

Commissioner Avramopoulos said that border controls should be temporary measures (photo: ImpA)
January 6th, 2016 3:03 pm| by Ray W

Although the European Commission has endorsed Danish border controls, EU migration commissioner Dimitris Avramopoulos said that such measures should not become commonplace in the EU.

“Extraordinary measures should be kept to a minimum and be returned to normal as soon as possible,”

Hastily called meeting
Avramopoulos’s warning came after an emergency meeting he had convened with representatives from Denmark, Sweden and Germany to discuss the refugee situation and the country’s border and ID checks.

Danish foreign minister Inger Støjberg attended the meetings.

“The flow of refugees must be curbed, but the only way forward is a European solutions with all 28 member states working to protect our borders,” said Avramopoulos.

Schengen in jeopardy
All of the participants agreed that solidarity and freedom of movement is the way forward.

“We all agree that Schengen and freedom of movement must be guaranteed for both citizens and the economy,” said Avramopoulos. “I expect that all member countries will work towards this in 2016.”

The European Commission said yesterday that the 10-day temporary border controls Denmark put in place at its border with Germany “seemed to be a situation covered by the rules”.

Shaky controls
The Commission rubber-stamped Sweden’s temporary border controls last November, and Germany’s in September.

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Under Schengen rules, a member country must face “a serious threat to public policy or internal security” to impede movement between the countries with border controls.