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EU Commission: Will be “extremely difficult” for Denmark to continue in Europol

Justice minister receives bleak prognosis from European counterparts

Pind: The commission’s statement wasn’t exactly encouraging (photo: Flickr/Venstredk)
December 4th, 2015 4:29 pm| by Philip Tees

Following yesterday’s ‘No’ vote in the referendum on ending Denmark’s EU justice opt-out, Søren Pind, the justice minister, has received a bleak prognosis from the EU Commission about the country’s chances of staying in the law enforcement agency Europol, Metroxpress reports.

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As things stand, Denmark will have to leave the organisation in the spring of 2017 unless a separate parallel agreement can be reached for continuing the co-operation.

Pind left a meeting with the EU ministers of justice and interior affairs with the message from his counterparts that finding such a solution would be “extremely difficult”.

“There was a statement from the commission – which unfortunately didn’t come as a surprise – that they considered it to be extremely difficult. But, as they said: ‘Now we’ll see’,” Pind said.

“The commission’s statement wasn’t exactly encouraging, I must say, but we’ll move on and see.”

Any potential parallel agreement will need to come from the EU Commission itself.