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EU countries making inroads on CO2 emissions

For once there seems to be some encouraging news when it comes to measures to combat climate change

Blake’s ‘dark satanic mills’ are actually becoming a bit cleaner when it comes to CO2 emissions (photo: pxhere)
May 9th, 2019 11:10 am| by Stephen Gadd

A new report issued by the EU’s statistical bureau Eurostat reveals that 20 of the 28 EU member countries managed to reduce their CO2 emissions during 2018.

Combined emissions from burning fossil fuels fell by 2.5 percent in 2018 in the EU zone compared to a total increase of 1.7 percent the year before.

“After four years without a significant reduction in emissions, the EU is finally on the way towards a carbon dioxide-free economy,” Wendel Trio, the head of the Climate Action Network, told the Swedish news bureau TT.

Portugal top, Latvia bottom
Of the 20 countries that reduced emissions, Portugal was responsible for the largest reduction, with 9.0 percent in 2018. Next came Bulgaria (8.1), Ireland (6.8) and Germany (5.4).

Denmark only managed 0.2 percent and is in 18th place. On the other hand, Denmark is only responsible for 1.0 percent of the EU’s combined CO2 emissions.

Eight countries didn’t manage to reduce CO2: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta Poland, Slovakia and Finland.

Latvia was worst, with an 8.5 percent increase in emissions in 2018.