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Export council to set up Danish oil & gas club in Italy

Italy has a considerable oil and gas industry and plays a key role as Europe’s largest refinery centre

Club membership will provide targeted information, share experience and open doors to the Italian market (Photo: Fotopedia/Giulio Menna)

April 25, 2014

by Christian Wenande

This spring, the Danish export council Eksportrådet will establish a Danish oil and gas club for companies looking into the possibility of creating a network in the Italian market.

Italy has a considerable oil and gas industry and plays a critical role as Europe’s largest refinery centre, and it is expected that the Italian oil production will rise in tandem with the increased demand for natural gas in recent years.

“Network is a huge benefit in Italy, where it can be difficult to reach decision-makers,” a Foreign Ministry press release stated.

“Eksportrådet will therefore establish a Danish oil and gas club with a focus on utilising the growth potential within the oil and gas industry and particularly the solutions that Danish distributors can contribute to.”

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Opening doors
Italy’s largest operators within oil and gas are ENI SpA and ENEL SpA, which are among the world’s leading energy companies.

A club membership provides targeted information about the Italian market and provides an opportunity to share experiences with other Danish companies while opening doors to the Italian market.

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